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We're two very sweet people until provoked. We love writing, reading, designing, and dancing. We are also very random so different ideas pop up out of nowhere. You may get a new story before you get an update dealing with us.


Our break has started and we will begin to get chapters of both our stories out for you as soon as possible. Be watching for them!

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Work It Out

I know that both Jaylonni and myself have stories titled ‘Work It Out’ already but this is a whole different ball game. This story isn’t about a break-up; no, nowhere near it. This story is about two lovers that are separated by over 3000 miles who must show how loyal they are to one another despite the distance. It will be no longer than 5 chapters (not a very long tale) but they will be exceedingly long, around 5 to 12k words per chapter (excluding the prologue which I am about to post soon). So, I do sincerely hope that you enjoy this little story that was thought up in a matter of ten minutes (yes it’s all worked out and everything; I just have to run the idea by Jaylonni in the morning). I think it’s really good.



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We Also Write for Other Fandoms

Not only are we Inuyasha writers, we also do Bleach, Dragon Ball (Z/GT), and Misc. TV Shows. Which fandom we place our story in solely depends on the plot. Like with ‘Single Ladies’, that we thought would be perfect for the Inuyasha fandom. So expect the unexpected with us. We don’t even know what we’ll come up with next.

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Upcoming Projects

Once we have completed ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’ we will be starting a new project. We have yet to determine a title for it as of now but once we do, more information will be posted here, on Tumblr for all of you to see.

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Since winter break for the two of us is coming up and neither of us is leaving our homes for the holidays, we will be able to update Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) really soon! Mind you, this story is not too long, 10 to 12 chapters at the most. So with that said, thank you to everyone that has reviewed and/or favourited this little story of ours. It is so much fun to write and we’re glad that we can share our imaginations with you all.

Seasons Greetings from,

Vicky & Jaylonni

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